Jamones Eíriz

With 200 years tradition in high quality ham & Iberian sausages, this familiar company is located in Corteconcepción: a small and authentic village in Sierra de Aracena, motor promoting of the Iberian ham. The quality of the sausage has nothing more to prove because it is part of the values of the Huelva region

Casa EIRIZ makes its Jamon iberico de Bellota in a natural way, with a traditional curing process and with a strict check of each piece one by one. They have their own breeding pigs, completed by a select choice of nearby pigs, derived from recognized producer from Sierra de Aracena.

Spanish TV show La Cuatro - 21/10/2018. Que no te engañen: lo que debes saber para que no te den jamón de cebo por Jabugo.

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