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Piece of deboned acorn-fed ham. Black label. 100% Iberian bloodstock, it represents less than 5% of the country's Iberian pigs.

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A purebred Iberian pig comes from parents of 100% Iberian bloodstock. It represents less than 5% of the country's Iberian pigs. They roam freely, only one animal per hectare of land, grazing on the pastures and "dehesa" in the mountains.

Meat has a glossy appearance and a colour between pink and purple red.

This Iberian ham has a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids, like oleic acid, similar to those contained in olive oil.

Packaged so that you can enjoy a unique product in a different format.

We recommend that you store it between 2 and 7 degrees, then let it reach room temperature before consumption to optimise its taste and aroma.

Slow curing in a natural dryer after a traditional creation process, following the artisanal process of the master ham makers of Jabugo. The production area is located in the town of Corteconcepción, near the municipality of Jabugo.

DO Jabugo, 100% quality Iberian acorn-fed.

Good for several months.

Limited and numbered production.

How to resist this ham?

Appellation of originJabugo / Huelva
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