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The iberian pig in all its forms: per pieces or slice ham, palette, loin, chorizo, dried sausage,... All our products are certified through a protected appellation of origin, Jamón de Jabugo DOP (Denominación de Origen Protegida - Huelva), or Los Pedroches, situated in Andalucia. The iberian hams and the charcuterie from the andalusian Sierra had been selected in the heart of this designation specifically.

Ibérico de bellota morcilla with squash - La Finojosa Ibérico de bellota morcilla with squash - La Finojosa
Weight (kilo)
  • 350 g
The morcilla is considered a classic of Iberian cured sausages, to be served cold or hot. This morcilla is made from Iberian pork (fat and blood from Iberian pig) according to a family recipe from La Finojosa.
Weight (kilo)
  • 750 g
  • 1,3 kg
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Presented here as a 100% pure Iberian version, acorn loin sausage is a product made from the pig's loin. The meat is seasoned before being stuffed into gut casings and cured. This product has an approximate length of...
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