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100% Iberian breed loin, black label. Iberian acorn loin is made from a special cut from the pig. Before being stuffed into its casing, the meat is seasoned. This product, approximately 50cm long, is eaten in thin slices.

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The loin, also called "caña de lomo" is the most sought-after part of the Iberian pig, after the ham. It is seasoned and allowed to cure for about three months. Eíriz, a family business that makes all their products by hand, pays special attention to the manufacturing of these pieces of meat.
This meat comes from 100% Iberian pigs, fed with acorns of holm oaks and cork oaks. This is known as Pata Negra.
Store in a cool, dry place. To eat loin sausage, cut into fine slices and serve at room temperature.
Vacuum packaged product. Whole piece of 500g or 1kg. Also sold pre-sliced in our online store: Sliced Iberian acorn loin sausage.
Loin sausage - gold medal winner at IFFA 2013 (the number 1 trade show in the meat industry.)

Appellation of originJabugo / Huelva
ConditioningWhole piece
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ce lomo est sec juste ce qu\'il faut et savoureux, peut-être gagnerait-il a être un poil plus relevé.

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