Sale of Iberian cured meats to catering professionals

Restaurant owner, specialist in prepared meals, grocer... whatever your location, you can have great quality Iberian cured meats sent directly to your establishment. From our online store we can quickly sent your orders, periodically or not.

Professional Knife Ham Holder

How can I open a TAPAS shop professional account?

Open a client account on our website, enter your Intracommunitary number correctly, and, once confirmed, we will send you an access code so that you can take advantage of the best prices (without 10% VAT). The conditions of sales and the delivery times are the same, that is to say that you could receive your order in less than 5 days.

Ham, chorizo, loin, salchichón, what to choose?

An Iberian platter can be filled exclusively with ham or loin, but also a wide variety of pieces derived from the Iberian pig. The ham is the star product, followed by the loin and the chorizo, but other products deserve a place, such as salchichón, morcón, paleta, tenderloin, etc...

We are located in Seville, but TAPAS shop travels a lot. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us or if you would like to organise a tasting before selling our products. We only sell pieces of the black pig: no serrano ham, only cured meats that meet the standards for Iberian pigs.

If you are not used to cutting ham or are afraid to cut it, we recommend the boned and defatted hams, which can also be cut with an electric cutting machine.



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