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  • The "Iberian ham tour" and the "Jabugo tour"

    Culinary expedition ! Visit to an Iberian pig farm followed by a visit to a ham-curing factory in Jabugo. See the installations of one of the best ham producers in the village of Cortoconcepción. Read More

    2016-04-12 0
  • Where to stay in the Sierra de Aracena?

    Waking up in the morning among the Iberian pigs, surrounded by the Dehesa and its atypical landscape, or enjoy the friendliness and welcome of the inhabitants in the heart of the white villages of the Sierra, is an opportunity offered to any traveller or fan of gastronomy to discover this southern part of Andalusia... Read More

    2019-02-22 0
  • History of the olive tree and the production of olive oil

    The olive tree has shaped the landscape of the Mediterranean basin. Throughout the ages and during different civilizations, man has taken advantage of the fruit that comes from this highly iconic tree. Read More

    2018-10-02 0
  • Aroma encounters - Wine and Ham

    Learn the fundamentals behind Iberian ham, cured meats and wine pairing to create your own great pairings. Spanish Ham, with its sweet-and-salty richness, pairs best with wines that have a touch of sweetness, plenty of acidity and bold fruit. Read More

    2015-10-09 0
  • The rain returns to the dehesa (oak meadow area)

    The drought is affecting more and more Andalusian land each year, without a regular return of rain, the dehesa (or the oak meadow that provides "bellota") is likely to be reduced, which will affect the work of the breeders and the quality of the bellota hams. Read More

    2017-11-29 0
  • Where to eat acorn-fed ham, cured meats and Iberian meat in Seville?

    Our mini-guide to the best restaurants and bars in Seville - Where to taste acorn ham, cured meats and Iberian meat Read More

    2015-12-13 0
  • Quality Standard of Iberian ham

    In order to prevent fraud, to inform consumers and preserve the Iberian breed, a new quality standard (Royal Decree 4/2014) entered into force on 10 January 2014. It regulates and defines the characteristics quality and labeling of Iberian products: meat, ham, palette, and loin. Read More

    2013-11-29 0
  • Where to eat in the Sierra de Aracena and Jabugo

    The Sierra de Aracena, a forgotten corner of Spain, is fabulous walking country. Where can I Reserve a table for dining in Aracena, a circuit of the Sierra's villages, and, more enticingly still, around the restaurants and bars hidden. Read More

    2015-04-26 0

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