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Market of Nuestra Señora De África in Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Canaries

One of the main markets on the island of Tenerife is located in the capital city of Santa Cruz. Founded in 1943, it is today a remarkable place to buy local edible products from the 7 Canary Islands.

Tasty culinary ideas with Iberian pork

byLS / OB

A little selection of recipes tested and approved by Tapas Shop. The Iberian pig and its use in cooking. Each season has its recipes, we suggest some of them.

Where to stay in the Sierra de Aracena?


Waking up in the morning among the Iberian pigs, surrounded by the Dehesa and its atypical landscape, or enjoy the friendliness and welcome of the inhabitants in the heart of the white villages of the Sierra, is an opportunity offered to any traveller or fan of gastronomy to discover this southern part of Andalusia...

History of the olive tree and the production of olive oil


The olive tree has shaped the landscape of the Mediterranean basin. Throughout the ages and during different civilizations, man has taken advantage of the fruit that comes from this highly iconic tree.

The rain returns to the dehesa (oak meadow area)


The drought is affecting more and more Andalusian land each year, without a regular return of rain, the dehesa (or the oak meadow that provides "bellota") is likely to be reduced, which will affect the work of the breeders and the quality of the bellota hams.

Iberian presa ibérica and lomito ibérico - Tested and more than approved


Presa Iberica is a tender, well-marbled piece that, due to its location. Our "Guide" to Spanish Cured Meats. Learn about the presa & lomito rom Iberian pigs reared in freedom.

The "Iberian ham tour" and the "Jabugo tour"


Culinary expedition ! Visit to an Iberian pig farm followed by a visit to a ham-curing factory in Jabugo. See the installations of one of the best ham producers in the village of Cortoconcepción.

Where to eat acorn-fed ham, cured meats and Iberian meat in Seville?

Our mini-guide to the best restaurants and bars in Seville - Where to taste acorn ham, cured meats and Iberian meat

Aroma encounters - Wine and Ham

Learn the fundamentals behind Iberian ham, cured meats and wine pairing to create your own great pairings. Spanish Ham, with its sweet-and-salty richness, pairs best with wines that have a touch of sweetness, plenty of acidity and bold fruit.

The market of Olhão - Algarve, Portugal


Authentic Portuguese market that takes place on Saturday morning along the harbour: fruits and vegetables from local farmers, spectacular fish and seafood.

The Saint-Girons market in Ariege - French Pyrenees


Every Saturday morning, a colourful and flavourful market takes place under the plane trees on the Champ de Mars in Ariège. A massive market spreads along the riverbank.

Where to eat in the Sierra de Aracena and Jabugo

The Sierra de Aracena, a forgotten corner of Spain, is fabulous walking country. Where can I Reserve a table for dining in Aracena, a circuit of the Sierra's villages, and, more enticingly still, around the restaurants and bars hidden.

Feast of the slaughter in Linares de la Sierra

A small village with a little over 300 inhabitants, Linares de la Sierra is only 7 kilometres from the urban area of ​​Aracena and about 15km from Jabugo.

Finca Montefrio: a farm with all organic sausages located in the heart of Sierra de Aracena y picos de Aroche


Visit the farm organic Montefrío. A unique property, land propitious for the breeding of Iberian pig, near Jabugo and Cortegana

The national contest of ham cutters which is held every year


In Corteconcepcion, in the heart of Sierra de Aracena, The national contest of ham cutters is held every year.

Baked stuffed sea bass


A recipe that gives popularity to the rich cuisine of Andalusia: seabass and Iberian pig.

Every taste are inspired by nature


The Iberian pig is the only animal that gives Andalucía a rich cuisine. The goat is also part of it.

Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche

byOB & LS

Natural Park "Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche" is situated west of Andalusia, in the province of Huelva and an hour and a half northwest of Seville.

Plaza de la Encarnación Market, in Seville


In the center of Sevilla, you can see various food markets: the market of Triana barrio, the Arenal market, Calle Feria's market, ... But under the now-famous giant mushroom-like structure (las Setas) is hidden a wonderful food market not to be missed!

The gastronomic festival of Cumbres Mayores


Every year during the holiday weekend of the Spanish Constitution, Cumbres Mayores, a small town in the north of Sierra de Aracena, celebrates the feast of gastronomy and therefore have chosen a single product in his honor: the ham. A great weekend, where numerous tastings are proposed around the ham to satisfy visitors from all over Spain and foreign tourists.

Beans with spanish ham


One of the classic Andalusian cuisine, it is also located in northern Spain (calling in this area, fabes). The beans with ham are prepared rather in winter and each region have its own variety.

Quality Standard of Iberian ham


In order to prevent fraud, to inform consumers and preserve the Iberian breed, a new quality standard (Royal Decree 4/2014) entered into force on 10 January 2014. It regulates and defines the characteristics quality and labeling of Iberian products: meat, ham, palette, and loin.

What are the denominations of Spanish ham?

There are several names for Spanish ham, but above all there are two categories of ham! 

  1. Jamón Ibérico: Iberian ham is made from Iberian pigs raised in the wild in Spain, fed on acorns (bellota) during the montanera period.
  2. Jamón Serrano: Serrano ham is made from white pigs bred in Spain, which have been fed with natural feed and raised in the wild or not.

For Iberian Ham, there are 4 denominations: Jabugo, Guijelo, Extremadura, Los Pedroches. For Serrano ham, a minority of the production goes through an official designation: Trevelez, Teruel, de Serón



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