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Finca Montefrio: a farm with all organic sausages located in the heart of Sierra de Aracena y picos de Aroche


Tapas Shop : This field of pumpkins is great, did you cultivate it?, Is it for the organic market in Sevilla on Saturdays in Alameda?
Armando : No, it's just to feed our pigs during the summer, now they eat peas, but soon they will change vegetables.

We visited a second time to Lola and Armando, a couple of Andalusians who live with their children in a property of about 80 hectares whose place is called "Montefrío", right next to the town called El Repilado. A clear example of organic farming. Without being so integrists ecologists,they cultivate excellent orchards, raise goats, and especially they raise Iberian pigs of high purity breed. Care plant by plant, do not use any pesticide in the oaks that produce bellota, neither antibiotics for animals. Everything is just wonderful!

Finca Montefrio ham
ecologic cheese goat

Touring around the farm, these conscientious and modest farmers remind us some essential values used for decades: perseverance, devotion to work and rigor. But also contribute to outstanding quality, listening and respect for nature, which bears fruit at unbeatable sausages

Pigs 100% Iberian breed outdoors and feed over different types of terrain depending on the weather, vegetation and season. At the time of la montanera (when the oaks produce acorns), Armando pigs are moved from one field to other for eat acorns, more soft in the morning or more acidic at the end of the day.

Porc pure race ibérique
Champ bio de courges
Jeunes porcelets

This family also has some "rural" houses on their property. They rent them each year to allow visitors to discover the beauty of nature or just for be quiet.



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