Spanish recipes

Now to taste! Recipes based on ham, taken from the Spanish culinary tradition and temples of iberian gastronomy approved by TAPAS shop.

Tasty culinary ideas with Iberian pork

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A little selection of recipes tested and approved by Tapas Shop. The Iberian pig and its use in cooking. Each season has its recipes, we suggest some of them.

Iberian presa ibérica and lomito ibérico - Tested and more than approved


Presa Iberica is a tender, well-marbled piece that, due to its location. Our "Guide" to Spanish Cured Meats. Learn about the presa & lomito rom Iberian pigs reared in freedom.

Where to eat acorn-fed ham, cured meats and Iberian meat in Seville?

Our mini-guide to the best restaurants and bars in Seville - Where to taste acorn ham, cured meats and Iberian meat

Aroma encounters - Wine and Ham

Learn the fundamentals behind Iberian ham, cured meats and wine pairing to create your own great pairings. Spanish Ham, with its sweet-and-salty richness, pairs best with wines that have a touch of sweetness, plenty of acidity and bold fruit.

Where to eat in the Sierra de Aracena and Jabugo

The Sierra de Aracena, a forgotten corner of Spain, is fabulous walking country. Where can I Reserve a table for dining in Aracena, a circuit of the Sierra's villages, and, more enticingly still, around the restaurants and bars hidden.

Baked stuffed sea bass


A recipe that gives popularity to the rich cuisine of Andalusia: seabass and Iberian pig.

Beans with spanish ham


One of the classic Andalusian cuisine, it is also located in northern Spain (calling in this area, fabes). The beans with ham are prepared rather in winter and each region have its own variety.



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