Boneless 100% Iberian acorn ham piece - Hijos de Onofre Sánchez Martín

Piece of Iberian acorn ham from El Repilado - Jabugo. A deboned product without fat and without rind and vacuum-packed. A veritable gastronomic jewel.

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The high quality is due mainly to the breed of pig, but also the feed it receives.

When the acorn ham is at its optimum curing point it is boned, the excess fat is removed and it is cut into three or four clean pieces. Packaged so that you can enjoy a unique product in a different format.

To enjoy all the characteristic taste and aroma: temperature should be more than 20ºC, and the slices shine when cut with a knife, just a few millimetres thick.

We recommend that you store it between 2 and 7 degrees, then let it reach room temperature before consumption to optimise its taste and aroma.

The production area is located in the town of El Repilado, near the municipality of Jabugo.

DO Jabugo, 100% quality Iberian acorn-fed.

Good for several months. Limited and numbered production.

Spanish ham pata negra

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Appellation of origin
El Repilado
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Presented here as a 100% pure Iberian version, acorn loin sausage is a product made from the pig's loin. The meat is seasoned before being stuffed into gut casings and cured. This product has an approximate length of 50cm after curing. It is eaten in thin slices.



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