Hijos de Onofre Sánchez Martín

Ham and sausages located in El Repilado from a familiar company. El repilado is a village located next to Jabugo. Two centuries of knowledge about the benefit and the satisfaction of Spanish cuisine

They present acorn Iberian sausages ,high quality products. From start to finish the process, nothing is left to chance (from the selection of females reproductive to cut thin slices by hand).

The family company Hijos de Onofre Sánchez Martín has been dedicated to the production of high quality Iberian hams and sausages since 1887.

This is the fourth generation of a family that continues to produce Iberian pork products using traditional, hand-crafted working methods, combining the heritage left by their ancestors with the new technologies and in accordance with the current food safety regulations.

High quality Iberian ham - Onofre

Among the key points that contribute to maintaining the excellence of Onofre's products, a brand easily identifiable by its H logo, are:

  • - the selection of the best Iberian pigs, fed with natural products and, of course, acorns during the "montanera" season provided by the oaks of the dehesa – a unique ecosystem in the world
  • - the homemade production (using only salt and the Sierra de Aracena’s air as the only ingredients for the hams and shoulders), the know-how of ham makers and the maturation time, a fundamental element in order to provide the expected quality
  • - its natural dryers and curing cellars located in El Repilado, in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, and the microclimate of this area, which gives each piece a particular aroma and flavour.
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