Boneless 100% Iberian acorn ham piece - La Finojosa PDO Los Pedroche

Boneless cured ham, Los Pedroches Protected Designation of Origin, La Finojosa house. Limited number of pieces each year. A gastronomic jewel.

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The hams of this producer have all the characteristics of excellence of the Los Pedroches Protected Designation of Origin. The production area is located in the village of Hinojosa del Duque, in the Province of Córdoba.
Without rind and after being boned and mostly defatted, this ham from the leg of a 100% Iberian pig is ready to eat.

Whether with a sharp knife or a slicer, you can appreciate this entire piece of boneless ham.

The infiltrated fat is characteristic of Iberian ham and tasted at room temperature, this cured ham will reveal all its purebred flavors.

PDO Los Pedroches, 100% quality Iberian acorn-fed.

Good for several months. Limited and numbered production.

Whole piece of boneless leg ham.
Cured for 30-36 months.
Pure Pata negra.

Spanish ham pata negra La finojosa

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Appellation of origin
Los Pedroches
Hinojosa del Duque
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1 Review
Le 1/4 de jambon de chez Tapas-Shop est une merveille. Il arrive sous vide. Après ouverture, je l'enroule dans un torchon et le stocke au frais (frigo). On le savoure à l'apéro en famille ou/et avec des amis, à petite lichettes, slicées fines (mais pas trop), au couteau à jambon bien aiguisé ... Miamsavouricieux !!!
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Presented here as a 100% pure Iberian version, acorn loin sausage is a product made from the pig's loin. The meat is seasoned before being stuffed into gut casings and cured. This product has an approximate length of 50cm after curing. It is eaten in thin slices.



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