Haza La Centenosa

Close to Jaen, this small family business has been devoted to the cultivation of the olive tree and its exploitation since 1879. Located in Baeza (a city classified by UNESCO), in the heart of one of the most spectacular olive-growing areas in Andalusia: the Sierra Mágina.

Haza la Centenosa

Inside the property, a Roman mosaic was found. It was donated to the archaeological museum of Úbeda, and inspired the logo on the bottles of Haza La Centenosa. There is also a drinking water spring on these family lands, already exploited and canalised during the Phoenician era.

Haza La Centenosa - Sierra Mágina

This property dedicates part of its production to ecological olive oil, but irrespective of the plots, production methods and cultures always respect the environment. The olive grove is located in the marsh area of Giribaile, preferred region for the quality of its AOVE oils.

Cortijo Haza La Centenosa

Drinking water spring at Haza La Centenosa

Originally, like many farmers in the area, they did not produce their own oil and went through cooperatives. Nowadays though, José Montoro and Soledad Fernández (current owners) control everything and market their own harvest, under their own label, which makes this oil one of the flagships of the AOVE (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) region of Jaén.

In 2018, 24,000 kilos were harvested for organic production (yellow bottle) out of a total of about 750,000 kg.

Only one local variety of olives is used (single-variety): the picual. The extraction, only mechanical on-site, takes place generally in the middle of autumn, with very green and stoned olives, as the Romans did in ancient times (in order to remove the bitterness of the picual - which is done very successfully). They only pick the olives still on the tree, never those that have fallen to the ground.

Whether it is the richness of the land and its past, or the motivation and convictions that drive these farmers, Haza la Centenosa is now one of the indispensable suppliers to our shop.

Haza la Centenosa at the World Olive Oil Exhibition in March 2018:

World Olive Oil Exhibition 2018

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