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This jar contains prized belly meat of bluefin tuna bathed in olive oil. It’s the union of two gastronomic gems.

A real delight to escape culinary monotony, reinvent dishes and pleasantly surprise your friends and family!

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The ventresca fillets are cleaned, prepared, cut and jarred by hand
As the first canners in Barbate did, this melt-in-the-mouth meat is bathed in olive oil; its flavour and nutrients are perfectly preserved and it even improves with time.

Ventresca tuna belly meat

The ventresca (no. 7) is the belly area located between the parts of the tuna called parpatana and tarantelo.

Recipe ideas

As a starter, present the La Chanca tuna belly with a mango vinaigrette and some cooked prawns.
This piece of tuna can also be served as a hot dish with sautéed mushrooms, for example.

tuna ventreca recipe

Storage indications

Keep the jar out of direct sunlight. Once opened, it must be kept refrigerated and consumed within 4 to 5 days. It’s better to always cover the tuna meat with olive oil.

Ingredients: tuna (Thunnus Albacares), olive oil and sea salt. No preservatives

Recyclable packaging.

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Glass jar
225 g
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High quality bluefin tuna and olive oil: a delicious combination of flavours and natural ingredients from Andalusia!

Using the ancient techniques of the Barbate canners, La Chanca perpetuates the tradition of its town and offers us bluefin tuna fillets with tender flesh and exceptional taste.

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100% Picual variety. 0.5 litre glass bottle. Olive oil available in limited quantities. The olive trees that produce this olive oil are cultivated organically and biodynamically, thus respecting the qualities of the fruit, the tree and the soil of the Castillo de Canena estate. A pure marvel.



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