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La Chanca selects small sardines that melt in the mouth.

Discover these sardines ready to enjoy on a slice of toasted bread or in a salad for example.

Tinned sardines (Sardina Pilchardus) rich in omega-3 and vitamin D.

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The process of canning and preserving sardines in metal containers is not new. In Spain, the first sardine canning factories appeared in the 19th century.

To eat these sardines, it’s not necessary to clean them. The sardines have their viscera removed but not their small spine and internal bones, which are edible and provide a significant calcium intake (200 to 250 mg of calcium per 100 g).

Sardines also contain an interesting amount of phosphorus (300-400 mg per 100 g of canned fish), a mineral essential for good bone health.

They are clear benefits to eating sardines. It would be a mistake to deprive ourselves of its nutritional virtues, knowing that they are also delicious!

Ready to enjoy sardines?

They are easy to prepare and to savour, but the longer you wait, the better they will be! Don't hesitate to put a few tins aside, as the flesh of the fish preserved in olive oil, as La Chanca knows so well, improves with time.

Small sardines ready to be eaten

Once opened, it must be kept refrigerated and consumed within 4 to 5 days. It’s better to always cover the sardines with olive oil.

Ingrédients : sardine (Sardina Pilchardus), olive oil and sea salt. No preservatives

Recyclable packaging.

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125 g
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